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Cinnamon Toast Today

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Chuckles, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Chuckles

    Chuckles Founding Member

    Couldn't be happier. My 4 year old made some killer cinnamon toast this morning.

    He pushed the toast back down to get a little more color
    Made cinnamon-sugar mix (we were out)
    Used a pastry brush to apply melted butter (said: 'let me handle this')
    Sprinkled the mix on with a spoon, neatly
    Cut the crusts off
    Cut the first piece into strips, straight
    Decided the second piece should be triangles, nailed it
    Then, I promise, he said: I want to take a picture..with my knife too.
    He took the picture.

    He held the knife in a pinch grip and used his other hand with the palm on the spine to help apply pressure at the tip. His knife skills are really coming along.

    As a note: This is a child's knife. It has a rounded tip and an edge appropriate for a child. It is thin behind the edge so it cuts well without having to be super sharp. He doesn't have free run of the kitchen. I was there the whole time.

    He approves posting it because he wants Karring to see it. :cool1 :connie:jump:m:usa:cc:pop:BF:srt:argo:james:j:james2:bacon:argo

  2. Chuckles

    Chuckles Founding Member

    He really likes picking smiley face thingies.
  3. larrybard

    larrybard Founding Member

    I'm sure you're proud -- justifiably. Wondering how you'd feel if as he grew older he wanted to be a chef. Would you tend to try to encourage or discourage him -- completely aside from probably wanting to encourage him generally to pursue his dreams? In other words, would you be happy for your son to be a professional chef, or if perhaps he was trying to choose between that and something like engineering, would you feel more comfortable if he didn't have all the terribly hard work and frustrations of being a chef ahead of him?
  4. Chuckles

    Chuckles Founding Member

    Hopefully he will just inherit a restaurant empire!

    My dad was an engineer when I was young and he had some extremely frustrating set backs in his career. I don't feel like job loyalty exists the way that it used to. Seeing what he went through and seeing how my brother is treated by a large corporation is why I decided and continue to feel good about refusing the desk job/cube route.

    I would like him to be able to cook as a general life skill and hopefully as a way to find work when he is young that is less boring than the retail counter jobs I had as a teen. I don't think you need to talk anybody out of being a chef. The industry will take care of that if it isn't a truly great fit. And if he is anywhere near as stubborn and strong willed as his parents he isn't going to be anything he doesn't want to be. For good or ill.

    I don't expect him to want to be a chef and I wouldn't push it. I would be happy for him if he did it and truly enjoyed it. If you ask him if he wants to be a chef when he grows up he says no without hesitating. My wife and I like to picture him as a landscape architect because he adores fountains.
  5. He is a cool little dude. Just what you would expect a mini - Chuckles to be like.
  6. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

  7. Lucretia

    Lucretia Founding Member

    Mini-Chuckles--does that make him Giggles?

    Excellent job!
  8. mr drinky

    mr drinky Founding Member Gold Contributor

    Hah! That seriously made my day reading this. No joke.

    And that's the best looking cinnamon toast I have seen in many, many years. I'm proud of the little guy -- as I am sure white bear is too.

    Tomorrow morning I am going to make some cinnamon toast for my kids. Good idea.

  9. I appreciate the Star Wars book as well.
  10. That is very impressive!
    Good to see you getting your son involved in cooking from an early age.
    I get my 3 year old daughter involved all the time and she loves it. Simple stuff like rolling dough into balls for tortillas, assembling pizzas, baking cookies/ muffins etc. it's very messy but fun and I think also important.
    Too many people have a no kids in the kitchen rule which I think would make them feel incapable and untrusted. As long as they are supervised! Why not :)

    However I think I would have a hard time convincing the wife that our daughter needs a knife lol
  11. John Fout

    John Fout Founding Member

    Fun stuff! I want to see his crudite displays next! :D
  12. Lefty

    Lefty Founding Member

    Looks great! And, I love his choice of Smiley Thingies. Go Canada!

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