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Ceramic for Christmas...so now...

Discussion in 'Sharpening forum' started by roaduck, Mar 7, 2023.


Does anybody use or like Ceramic Knives ?

  1. Yes

  2. No

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I received a few cheapie Chinese ceramic knives for Christmas presents and in general I like them because they are reasonably sharp and low maintenance compared to my yellow, blue and white carbons.
    However they require careful use to avoid chips etc.

    I had a cheapie ceramic nakiri years ago and it was blunt as a butter knife so I attempted to sharpen it on 400, 600 and 1000 grit diamond whetstones.
    After many hours persevering with it I got nowhere with it despite being gentle and using consistent angles eventually I just got exasperated and chucked it in the bin.
    I couldn`t apex it at all and it was frustrating even after patient rough to smooth diamond plate progressions.

    The expensive Kyocera ceramics have to go back to the factory to be resharpened which is a costly time-consuming drag.

    My 3 budget black Chinese ceramics will be replaced free of charge if they go blunt which is brilliant.

    The piccies are my rudimentary budget sharpening gear and other piccy shows a fabulous Chinese 11 inch yanagiba that was only $25 - total bargain - that is beautiful and came shaving sharp out of the box - I even made a 3mm felt knife pouch for it because it was worth pampering.[​IMG] [​IMG]

    A lot of my foodie friends and chefs bring me their budget stamped cutlery and a few softish Wusthofs , Victorinox, Sebatier and the occasional Shun, Global or low end Japanese knives and I do my best with them.
    Most of them come to me too blunt to use as letter openers initially !

    Last weekend I had a few bendy dollar knives to do and I couldn`t get them past a certain level of bluntness haha! although I have got reasonable results with dollar store knives sometimes but after a bag of onions or carrots they`re back to butter knives again!

    With sharpening I use diamond plates exclusively now and stop on leather or a combo grit steel but I`m not after shaving sharp because the edge is so fragile it never lasts long.
    I take my time and use the plates dry and keep a constant angle.Occasionally I finish with green aluminium oxide 1 micron honing compound for my straight cut throat razors.
    Eventually I`ll get a low speed 10 inch horizontal water-cooled angle grinder which will be great for garden tools, axes, hatchets, edc knives, reprofiling etc and will saves tons of time.

    I have a two budget Chinese fixed angle sharpeners and a Sheffield, England Catrahone three grit electric diamond/ceramic sharpener and for some die hard friends I have two budget pull-through sharpeners which are dire.

    I am trying to coax and show my girlfriend how to use the new 2022 Ruixin Pro 009 fixed angle sharpener I got her for Christmas so she can help me to do my mates` Dullsville, Arizona knives but she hasn`t took it out of the box yet! She wants more low maintenance stainless steel Japanese specialist knives and I have no room in the kitch or dining room to store them.
    Now I don`t use fancy Japanese artisan knives nor the sharpening rigs because I am used to free hand sharpening on walls and floors or rocks and concrete outside amongst other impromptu methods.[​IMG]

    I love cooking and knives and I`m learning every day but it`s a useful, productive hobby especially now because I`m older and hopefully more pragmatic and not OCD because that can waste your life by over thinking etc.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2023

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