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A friend bought this Tefal "Eversharp" knife...

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Knife' started by roaduck, Nov 4, 2023.

  1. [​IMG]
    So I asked if I could review it on the best online knife forum in the world - I kid you not!
    My girlfriend`s pal called Cathie bought this Chinese patented wonder from a big actual and online UK store called Argos using her store card.
    The knife just came out in the last year or two and it`s from a brand called Tefal which is best known for teflon non-stick frying pans, pressure cookers, steam irons and knives from the mid fifties onwards.
    It was only about $26 and is made of German steel called X50CrMoV15 which is probably a budget formulation.
    On the front of the blade it says "German Steel" in bold letters and on the back of the blade it reads "Made in China" in tiny letters - If that is not blatant globalism, I don`t know what is - haha !
    It claims to be forged and is roughly six ounces and has a 6 -5/8th blade.It`s claim to fame is a knife sharpener built into the locking scabbard ( kid-safe ? )
    To seat the blade in the scabbard / sharpener and retrieve it it has to obviously go over the stones (manmade abrasives / ceramic ?) in both directions and looks like a pull through sharpener which is usually only employed in one backwards direction to effect sharpening.Perhaps the stone guides and the spring even out the employed method to make the result more consistent; I`m just guessing.
    So how does it perform - well Cathie says it`s great and I agree it`s not bad for the money at all.
    It can do thin slices out of a semi-frozen onion and does a better than average slice of very ripe tomatoes.
    Out of the box sharpness was better than the four Globals I just got for my girlfriend but not as sharp OOTB as my $7 current PLYS Chinese cleaver ( which is shown on my previous Global knives review )
    Some Amazon reviews cite a rusty blade and a snapped handle at the hilt after light domestic use for a couple of months.
    So would I buy it ? - yeah if I was broke student or something and didn`t know Jack about $10 Chinese Chef`s knives - sure - why not.
    Would I recommend it in a top knife forum ? erm dunno - What do you guys think ?
    A foreign chef did a video review of it and he thought it was fine for the outlay.

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