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255mm CPM 154CM gyuto Bowie handle

Discussion in 'Houston Edge Works' started by Pennman88, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. This is one of my favorite gyuto profiles. This one is 255mm and is CPM 154CM. An absolutely fabulous steel for chef knives. Enough additional alloying elements to give exceptional edge holding while still allowing it to be easily sharpenable on both stones or chef steel/ceramic rod. Of course, I will always favor Water stones over rods for sharpening and touch ups on any chef blade.

    The handle here is double dyed box elder Burl with almost indestructAble carbon fiber bolsters and G10 trim. I contoured this handle in a Moran style, but keeping it straight along the spine. The Coke bottle contour is insanely ergonomic and comfortable in the hand.

    This blade I term my Nenox killer. The balance is right at the choil for exceptional handling making it fabulously nimble in a pinch grip or making it slightly weight-forward when held like a racquet. An all-around work horse of a blade for home or pro chef.

    And, of course, I provide lifetime free sharpening and tip repair. You pay shipping, I refurbish it.




  2. The handle is very, very, very beautiful. Astonishing. Would you mind sharing the price of this piece of art?
  3. Sorry. I left out price which is $750 plus Shipping and insurance.

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